Ammann Tamping Rammer Collection

Ammann Pneumatic Tyred Rollers provide the kneading and sealing effect that is so critical on jobsites. The tyred rollers perform on both asphalt and aggregates, which of course means the machines must be flexible. They certainly are, with air pressure adjustments made without the operator ever leaving the cab. Ballast packages easily can be added or removed to ensure the most efficient machine and process are provided.

- 50 cm compaction performance
- 68kg machine weight
- Honda GX 100 engine

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The ACR 68 is the rammer of choice for contractors who need heavier compaction yet also prefer a machine with a petrol engine. The rammer, with a weight of 68 kg, is equipped with a Honda GX100, 4-stroke petrol engine that is powerful, prevents fluid spills when on steep grades and meets all global emission standards. The ACR 68 also is offered with the Honda GXR120 petrol engine, which provides the same benefits as the GX100 but adds more power with lower immissions.

- 60 cm compaction performance
- 83kg machine weight
- Yanmar L48 AE engine

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The ACR 70D provides the most rammer weight, at 83 kg. It utilises a YANMAR L48 diesel engine that is popular with contractors who prefer light equipment with diesel engines – and of course want power, too. The rammer features an adjustable, vibration-resistant handle that helps fight fatigue and keep the operator focused throughout a shift. The added weight combined with the low centre of gravity and the YANMAR engine provide plenty of compaction pop.